What Our Customers Say

We love hearing what you have to say about the garlic. This feedback is essential if we are to ensure our garlic meets your standards and preferences.

To all of you who have written to us THANK YOU.

See below some of our customer comments.

Have already ordered and received 2 lots of your wonderful garlic.It is so beautiful. Sweet and such a beautiful flavour and perfume, I find myself putting it in everything !!
keep up the good work !
kind regards,

The garlic is fantastic, just back from a spell on Scotland Island with Spanish friends, we cooked with it every day we were there and they took some home with them. Malcolm

I have been roasting the cloves whole and baking them in a simple tart, served with rocket and local prosciutto.   Ross

My garlic arrived in great condition.  Thank you.  I did as you suggested and peeled back the outer layers – it looks terrific in its wire basket on my kitchen bench. It tastes terrific, too!  Priscilla

Oooh just seeing all the purple tinged fat juicy AUSTRALIAN grown garlic in the box in readiness to accompany our Christmas luncheon.Thank you, for working so hard to deliver a great Product. Marilyn

The garlic you   sent is a true delight - it was very exciting opening the package.  
Thank you soooo much for making the effort to grow such a wonderful 
product. Regards, Miranda

The garlic is fantastic thank you very much. Just delicious. I've been thinking how I can have it for breakfast, I'll let you know how I get on. Kind regards,

Dear Patrice,
Saw your article in today's paper as I have been nagging our local supermarkets here to stock Australian garlic, but to no avail. So I was more than pleased to see your article, thank you!

After eating the Chinese rubbish your garlic was a revelation Ross

Was expecting good quality and that's what we got. Sonya

Looked purple and gorgeous, especially compared to that nasty white stuff in most of the shops. Carley

They looked beautiful! Catherine

food-lovers understand why it costs what it does - the others don't get it...

Dear Roger. Garlic arrived this morning, all O K. The wife and I have never seen such big, healthy and beautiful looking garlic in our lives before. Many thanks. Maureen & Austin

Put all your products online please.

Attila Hunter's Hill, NSW

Quality good, delivery good great product Andrew

Read the article in Good Living and was very impressed. I love garlic and use it a lot but find the supermarket or local fruit market only ever appear to have Chinese imports which looks inferior and does not last for long before going mouldy. Your web site is excellent.

Good luck with your venture. It is great to see Australia garlic available.

The garlic arrived last week - thankyou.  I had forgotten how real garlic tasted. Cheers, Kate

Bloody marvellous idea - saw your ad in Good Living and I hate the Chinese stuff. I'll be spreading the word. As an advertising creative director/writer, I also liked the tone and feel of your site. I wish you every success.

You were right on the  money! The garlic arrived yesterday at 4pm in it’s glamorous purple box! What a thrill opening it!
I incorporated a couple of cloves into the steamed spinach( straight out of the garden) which we had for . Added a dollop of butter and a sprinkle of nutmeg to he spinach. It was DELICIOUS! Was had with mashed spuds and chicken schnitzel All delicious!
Thanks so much for all your help. Do pass on to Patrice how much we enjoyed our first taste. I intend giving away about half my lot so it is being spread around!
Thanks once again Roger. Cheers Patricia

Thanks Patrice and Roger, garlic arrived safe and sound, looking and smelling wonderful and is now hanging in kitchen ready to delight our tastebuds.
Cheers Julie.

Hi Just wanted to say my box of gorgeous garlic arrived by post today - they look and smell FANTASTIC - am roasting one in the oven now and can't wait to get stuck into it. Thanks so much will tell my friends. Kind Regards Michaela

The garlic has arrived in good order and is at this moment being placed 'on the rack' -  they do seem to have been dried beautifully and they look gorgeous - not like the disgusting white things in the supermarket; I cannot wait to use them! Thank you again and I hope we stay on the list to be reminded of the harvest next year - although I will put it on the calendar. All the very best to you and the joint venture with Patrice. Kind regards Trisha

Recieved my 1kg garlic Amcor box Tuesday. Am SO thrilled with the package & the flavour of your garlic is just superb! I've told friends who I'm sure will order too. I certainly will again next year. What do I do when mine in finished & I have to wait months till your next harvest! You have spoilt me!! Thank You.

Hi Roger,
Just a quick note to say the "chicken with 40 cloves of garlic" was magnificent. Your perfect cloves peeled as easily as bananas, unlike anything I have ever bought at my local (and usually pretty good) fruit 'n veg, even when I've eschewed the imported and paid a comparative fortune for the "local" product.
What's more, we didn't appear to frighten off friends and relatives the next day, which, I suspect might have been because the garlic was poached rather than fried. Can't wait to try something equally outrageous.
Rgds, Margaret

They are gorgeous bulbs and are now taking pride of place hanging from a wall in my kitchen.  Am yet to make the soup!Much love,x

Looking forward to tasting your Garlic. It has been a long standing gripe of mine that you cannot buy Australian garlic and as a substitute is that awful bleached stuff, so Thanks x
Janine, Vermont  VIC

Dear Ms Newell. Your beautiful garlic arrived this am in perfect order. I look forward to using it tonight  - I'm sure it will be delicious for the months ahead.  Pls keep me on your mailing list for further orders later next year thank you Valli

Thank you very much for the garlic, it arrived on Thursday.
So far it has produced the best Lasagne and Garlic Bread yet.
I will certainly be re-ordering in the future.

Dear Patrice,
Well done and thanks for the delicious garlic, it has such a wonderful flavour. Worth every cent I paid,  good luck for next years crop. I will order again.
kind regards

This is the best news I've had all week, I have a friend who grows garlic and I have always raved about it to friends and acquaintances, but I have limited supply so I am so glad you are doing this. The garlic from China should be banned it is so dreadful. Good luck with your garlic it looks amazing and I shall be ordering some in the not too distant future.

Best Wishes, Alex ,NSW South Coast 

Dear Patrice,
I was so pleased to read about your garlic venture in Good Living. Now I can buy some Aussie garlic to go with the other Aussie produce I buy! Best of luck with your Aussie garlic. David

I think it is so cool that you are doing this, it is so hard to connect with our producers and this makes it so easy.  Thankyou!  No more foreign GARLIC!!!!!

Eva, Gymea, NSW