We’re always making more soap - sometimes we have to wait a little for it to be fully cured and ready to post.

hands making olive oil soap

Virgo Soap

Each batch of soap is a little different because the oil and honey varies during each harvest. 

This occasional batch is made with very green fresh olive oil and the soap colour is quite dark compared to previous batches. 

There’s also a white coating on one side of the occasional bar of soap.

This coating is what soap makers call ‘soda ash’. 

There’s still no consensus on why it happens, but according to soap maker Vicki Younger it happens more in the colder months than during summer soap making.

All of us at the farm have commented that some batches are especially good and creamy on the skin and seems to last longer than previous batches.

Hope you enjoy our lovely soap.


Why Make Olive Oil Soap?

Is there any product we use more intimately than soap? On our face, in our hair. We wipe it all over our bodies. It gets in our eyes. We use it to wash our babies and young children. We don't think about it much - it's a product we've always trusted. But does it deserve that trust?  Is the soap we use harsh - even toxic?

Twenty six years ago, when I left modeling for journalism I joined the Channel 7 news room in Sydney. One of my first jobs? Too investigate chemicals in the home, industry and agriculture. To find out what we were putting into the air, the earth, the water and our food.  Little did I know that what I found out would change my life.

Over the course of 6 weeks, I learnt that many agricultural chemicals used by Australian farmers were banned in the US and Europe. That industry was as drug dependant as any addict. That many dermatologists hated the stuff women were putting on their faces - regarding it as useless, unnecessary and expensive. Or worse - harmful.

I learned that all humans all have different levels of tolerance, that what some can deal with is poisonous to others. That some of us, being genetically stronger, can survive the chemical onslaught of modern times where others sicken and succumb. I learned that more and more people were becoming vulnerable to a variety of things we were breathing, eating and drinking. To the chemicals we used to washing our clothes and clean our homes. And the way we were cleaning ourselves was becoming a major problem. 

My research contributed to a report by Kerry O’Brien. Called the Circle of Poison it won the most prestigious award in journalism that year. The Gold Walkley.

My instinct in life has been to be open, honest and straightforward - and to keep things natural, simple, untainted.

biodynamic olive oil soap

So I began to read labels, buy food and products that appeared as harmless as possible. I liked the words ‘no preservatives’.

For three years I studied with the distinguished naturopath Dorothy Hall. For thousands of years nature had been providing us with simple solutions for basic household and personal needs.  It was time to rediscover some of them and I started to practise naturopathy.

I was 30 when I moved to our farm .......[MORE]