October 2016 - Let the Garlic show begin

a generous entree of a special garlic we have been trialling here for 7 years…a garlic that has great shelf life, a good fresh garlic bite  and the best thing of all- is ready now……

ready earlier, lasts longer

While comparing this garlic, I found a photograph of one remarkably similar. I’m sure you’ll share my mixed emotions  -  a garlic that comes from ancient Aleppo?

Now a city overwhelmed by tragedy. Every variety we grow - and you enjoy - has a history, a story to tell. 

A few points about our Purple Prelude:

It has a soft neck and often referred to as an ‘artichoke' style garlic.

In the field, the plant is tall and green and no scapes form.

The purple clove colour develops after harvest.

This variety was purchased originally by Graeme in WA. 

We like the garlic skin colour and the fact that it is ready to harvest before our main crop of Purple Glamour. 

The clove formation has a high level of variation. So much so that I've wondered if it’s the same variety!

Best of all, each year this garlic has proved to have the longest shelf life.

Our Purple Glamour Garlic

fresh purple garlic bulbs

A few years back Graeme noticed an interesting variety of garlic growing in a Victorian vegetable garden. The bulbs a ‘purple’ variety, had originally been given to Graeme' friend by a local Italian gardener.
As a professional vegetable grower all his life, Graeme was fascinated. The big purple bulb grew without pest problems, peeled easily and tasted marvellous. Joking about it being a “glamour garlic” Graeme convinced his friend not to eat the thirteen precious bulbs. Instead he spent five years growing and multiplying the bulbs in a spare paddock at a nearby biodynamic fruit orchard. With dedication, each clove grew into a new large bulb until, finally, Graeme had enough for a small commercial trial.

There are hundreds of different kinds of garlic Allium sativum. 

Our variety subspecies is ophioscorodon.

It is a hardneck type. An ‘old-style’ variety, closely related to wild garlic.

Some people call them ‘topsetting’ because of their seed head.

Our PURPLE PREMIUM GLAMOUR GARLIC is our main variety.

A hard-neck. Average clove number is 12.  They’re big cloves, with purple/brown skins. The garlic inside is white.

The outside skins – up to 6 layers – are purple when we harvest but as they break off, they increasingly become lighter.  SO.  Our purple garlic sometimes starts to look white as the season progresses.  The purple colour of the skins of the cloves however, usually stay a purple/brown colour. The flavour is moderately hot, with a sweetness. Many customers say the low sulphur aspect means its very easy to digest. It’s our favourite.

garlic stalk curling

It has a flower stalk that curves into a circle. Like in this photo. The umbel is at the tip of the flower stalk.

The bulbs are fairly symmetrical and a globe shape. They form around the central woody stem (the hardneck).

different colours of garlic skins

The bulb skins are pale purple to off-white, but sometimes they can be deep purple as well.  We don’t understand what causes this variation.

The skins are very easy to peel,  which is something most cooks comment on.

The biggest bulbs start to sprout green shoots in late March. However, the smaller bulbs seem to think about germination much later. We recommend eating the biggest bulbs first.