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OUR COMMUNITY: Patrice Newell

This section of our web site is where we post images and ideas sent from you. I wish we'd started this back in 2008, but better late than never.

A Garlicy Wedding

Just before we started our harvest in 2012 we heard from Emily wondering if there was any fresh garlic for her wedding dinner.  How could we refuse?

Here's  Emily on her wedding day looking gorgeous with her husband Joe.


"I can still taste the fabulous whole gloves of garlic that were roasted along side the amazing 12 hour slow cooked lamb shoulders that just fell apart with a fork!"

Plaiting Garlic - A wonderful way to spend the afternoon

Every year, whilst we wait for the harvested garlic to cure we've enjoyed the crafting of plaits to celebrate the summer festive season.

Like all artisan endeavours – there are many different techniques and tips to discover.

Eliska, Yvonne, Judy and Betty practicing.

We all did very well with Corinna's (second from right) tips.

What to do heading into Winter

Rachel’s facilitating garlic to shoot dangling the roots in water. What a brilliant idea!
“Patrice, it's important to tell people not to put bulbs into water, but suspend them just above the meniscus. I use toothpicks or a wine glass where the head just fits.   It is fun to see  the roots so quickly snake down.  And the garlic tops are good... but it is a bit of a waste of garlic!”  says  Rachel