Recipes That Feature Olive Oil

On the following pages you'll find some of my favourite recipes from my book Tree to Table - Cooking with Australian Olive Oil.

They come from some of Australia's best known and loved food writers and chefs, such as Kylie Kwong, Tony Bilson, Damien Pignolet and Stephanie Alexander.

old olive oil jug

I learnt to love this soup when I spent 5 months in Arezzo learning about olives. Once pressing began, every café in town started serving their version of this soup. So I’ve always associated it with olive harvest. My friend Fiorenza showed me how she makes it, emphasising that one never puts summer vegetables in it.  Forget tomato, basil, zucchini, and eggplant.  This soup launches the start of a new season. 
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mixing olive oil

This is a very special bruschetta that my friend Meryan McRobert first made at her café in Scone, Kerv. I love rhubarb, but had never thought of joining it with rocket and brie and olive oil! It’s worth a try.
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This sounds unusual, but in fact the fruity flavours of the olive oil are brought out by the other ingredients, and the rich, silky texture is exquisite.
If you make ice-cream at home, you have to try this,
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This is a perfect summer lunch, follow it with cheese and fresh fruit. The quality of the chicken makes all the difference, so select free-range and organic. Click here for recipe.