Q: Can I visit your farm?

Of course we’d love to say yes to everything.  But this year we’ve decided that we can’t manage any more occasional visits to the farm.

We will however welcome visitors on Monday’s during garlic season. People ask to pick up the garlic from the farm, so Monday’s will be our open day. From 7AM to 3 PM.

Q: Can I compost your boxes?

Of  course, there’s nothing toxic about our boxes.

Are you going to stand as a candidate in this year’s election?

No.  And I am no longer a member of Climate Change Coalition.

Do you use chemicals managing your bee hives?

Definitely not.  Our hives are not certified organic because I prefer to keep them close to the house where I can visit them more often. This means the hives are close to our boundary, hence the inability to certify them organic.  We never us any chemicals at all and certainly never feed sugar to our bees.  Unfortunately this means the bees themselves get to eat a lot of the honey they make and we only rob the hives when there is a big honey flow on.


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