How to Store Garlic

storing garlic bulbs

Storage questions have topped our enquiry list.  We now know that the best storage of Garlic varies according to regions. 


If you live in a dry area the best place is out in the open in a well ventilated part of your kitchen.


If you live in a humid area, keeping the Garlic cool is best.  Too much heat and humidity is death to fresh Garlic. Some refrigerators can be very damp, hence our recommendation to avoid them.  And many argue that fridges donít help maintain the flavour.  BUT weíve had many customers in Queensland tell us that the fridge has been very satisfactory.  And last year, I saw for myself, a box of our Garlic stored in a domestic cool room in Brisbane and it was 100%. So, Iíve stopped saying avoid the fridge!


If Garlic receives full sun everyday it will dry out very quickly. Eventually, it will shrivel up completely. 


Like all fresh food,  it wonít last forever. But it should be perfect all through summer.  


As the Garlic gets older, the skins will peel much more easily. This is due to moisture loss.


Our 2009 Garlic was harvested at the end of October. It is genetically programmed to start re-growing in March- April 2010.  So by May, the chances are you will see green shoots sprouting from the top.  You can continue to eat the Garlic  but the flavour will be much more mild.  Of course, we hope youíve eaten it all before then.


And we hope youíll appreciate the fact that our purple glamour Garlic is a summer food.  


We appreciate all information about storage, please let us know if youíve found a better way to keep this valuable food.