Baking Garlic is simple and delectable, during Garlic season it's enjoyed most dinners here at Elmswood Farm. Click here for recipe.

This soup is actually better than it sounds. If you like garlic, almonds, cold soup or dips the chances are you’ll love it. Click here for recipe.

This book is so full of brilliant garlic and olive oil ideas… yourself a favour and buy a copy!

We eat a lot of lentils here.

In soups, dahl, as side orders with roast lamb, osso bucco, lamb shanks, and when it’s hot in salads.

I always have some cooked on hand, or in a jar sprouting. Click here for recipe.

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the garlic chef

“I can't wait for the new crop to be harvested. This recipe celebrates Patrice Newell's fresh garlic in a delicious, traditional Provencale soup.” Tony Bilson

Garlic soup can be made in the same way as leek soup. However, garlic has some strange qualities. If you saute chopped garlic you will highlight those qualities that are most unattractive. If, however, you boil whole cloves of garlic you may eat it in copious quantities without any unpleasant effect. The following recipe is deceptively simple but the result is a soup of great finesse. 

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This recipe came about because my good friend Deb – Director of the Hunter Gatherer Dinner Club been telling me for years that garlic when baked is sweet and should be incorporated in desserts.
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While some may think it’s easy to buy this middle eastern dip in a tub at the supermarket…believe me, freshly made is a zillion times better! Click here for recipe.

The Food Blog, Fouad Kassab
The Food Blog, Fouad Kassab

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Ayurvedic Garlic Curry – From Calri Ratcliff Patrice Newell Australian Garlic

The below recipe was taught to Carli during a trip to Sri Lanka by Executive Chef Umesh Dhwark of AmanGalla, Galle, on the country's west coast. Click here for recipe.

Preserving Tip

How I keep garlic out here is to peel it and put in wine. It preserves them, keeps their flavour and the wine can be used in the cooking as well. Melise