Fresh Olive Oil - New Oil - REAL & CLOUDY - Fresh Off the Press & Unfiltered.

Only once per year. Only NOW.

Be sure to get some of our Fresh and Unfiltered Extra Virgin VIRGO olive oil straight from the press!

Last year’s ‘Fresh and Unfiltered’ VIRGO EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL sold out immediately and this year we’ll bottle more.

Pressed from our certified A grade biodynamic olives.



The true start of the years’ olive season. It has a fruity, peppery, burst of fresh olive flavour and is the freshest olive oil you can find.


2017 is
fine at this very early stage.

good news
next APRIL

Only a limited run is bottled straight after harvest.

Usually producers let their olive oil settle in a vat to filter out any pieces of olive. This is to ensure the oil will last perfectly for the next twelve months.  But in my kitchen, where olive oil is abundant, I prefer it fresh and unfiltered for the first three months of the year.

Hi Patrice and team,

Several years ago I worked as a WOOFer on a farm in Italy, picking olives and taking them to the press to make oil. We climbed ladders in the snow, raking the fruit with a plastic comb, down into nets, old and battered and frequently repaired by hand. It rained when it did not snow. The mud clumped on our boots and we joked it was like walking in triple gravity. We lived with an Italian family, immersed in the local way of life.

Every few days we visited the press to see the olives poured onto conveyor belts, washed and plucked of leaves and dirt, then tumbled into a giant centrifuge.

The brilliant green (though cloudy) oil which first came off the press was the most delicious, vibrant, grassy, peppery and fresh taste that will forever make me smile.

My delivery of your unfiltered oil arrived late last week. I took it home and made traditional bruschetta (just toast rubbed with a raw clove of your garlic, drizzle with oil and sprinkled with a little salt.) I was immediately transported back to the fields of Montefiascone and that incomparable taste of fresh olive oil.

Beautiful work, guys. I know what it takes and I appreciate it deeply.
Best regards,