Food Miles

Reading through our pages, we hope you feel connected to our produce.

Ok, ok, Gundy, in the Upper Hunter Valley, is (280kms) that's 177 miles from Sydney, a smidgen outside of the magic 100 mile diet concept. 

Compare it to carting around big bulky, less food value melons from the northern territory in the middle of winter?

Consider this: One, average sized, 4 kilogram melon, travelling the 3600 kilometres to Sydney by road, is the same freight as 44 kilos (368 bulbs) of 120 gram majestic sized bulbs of our Hunter Valley garlic.

So 4416 cloves of garlic and culinary experiences verses 1 out of season, food mile hungry, melon.

Also, on our side, is the efficiency of Australia Post a company that delivers the highest volume and most efficient network of getting things around the nation.

The postie is visiting your place anyway, we're just tagging along.

Saved are the trips and handling in and out of the markets and from other locations to the shops during the ordinary wholesale and retail process. And of course for you, our produce is reliably and efficiently brought all the way to your door.

Based on these most compelling facts, i.e. culinary value and efficiencies of our distribution - getting garlic or olive oil from our paddock to your plate is extremely carbon footprint friendly.