I get asked all sorts of questions about olive oil.

That's why I wrote the book Tree to Table.  But here's some of the more frequently asked questions.

hands in olive oil

Q: What is LITE oil?

LITE is the biggest con of all.  There are not less kilojules in LITE.  It's processed and tasteless.

Q: What is POMACE oil?

POMACE oil is made out of the leftover mush from extra virgin production. When I first saw this made in Spain I couldn't believe it met food quality standards.  Imagine black muck, put through an industrial process to convert it to an oil, add a bit of green and you have pomace oil.

Q: Do Chooks like Olives? (not really frequently asked!)

chickens eat olives

Yes. Ours do. After harvest I give them the left over's and they are always enthusiastic and I love their eggs even more.




Q: What is the GST on the olive oil purchase?

The GST is for the postage