Q: Can I get a postage reduction?

If youíd like to buy a larger volume of garlic in small boxes and have them all sent to the ONE address.  Please email Roger and he can organise a cheaper postage rate.  It will all depend on the volume ordered.

Q: Why didnít you tape my two boxes of garlic together? One came on Tuesday and the other two days later?

We usually do tape boxes together now, precisely because we donít want one to go astray.

The delivery of the garlic to your home is dependent on the efficiency of the contractor at your local post office.

Q: How long will my bulbs last?

We used to say our garlic will definitely last well until Autumn but we now know people in Queensland have advised us the garlic has sprouted by then.  If you live in a warm/sub tropical place our garlic wonít last as long as a cold place.

Your  bulbs of garlic, if kept dry, will keep to perfection for 5 months from their November harvest. Simply keep them somewhere dry and to help this, well ventilated. Your kitchen counter is probably ideal. After May, any remaining bulbs should begin to harmlessly and naturally wish to start sprouting. They are still very usable and the garlic itself is still very tasty and superior to other offerings.

I was enjoying last year's crop through till August.

Please remember Australian Garlic is an annual crop.

Q: How much Garlic do I have to buy?

holding a box of garlic

Most seasons at some point of the year or another, we offer a few options:

1). A Half Kilo gift box of 6 to 8 bulbs.

2). 1kg box of our premium bulbs.  The number of bulbs vary per box depending on weight. 11 to 13 Bulbs

3). 5kg box for the garlic obsessive, or the very generous. 50 - 70 bulbs

Please visit our on line store pages of the web site for details.

Q: Where should I store my garlic?

No rocket science is involved.

Definitely NOT THE FRIDGE please. Unless youíve peeled a bulb and will use it within the week.  Short term storage in the fridge only please!

Simply keep your bulbs somewhere DRY, preferably not in direct sun light, and most importantly in a well ventilated place.  Humidity is the enemy of garlic. A bench top or in an open basket in the kitchen is probably ideal.

Tropical Storage

Thank you for the delicious garlic. Iíve never had garlic like it. Recently you discussed or asked about storage. Itís been a very humid wet summer here in Bundaberg. Iíve never found the fridge very good for storing my garlic.... nor the pantry. so Iíve left it packed in its box with the little nests around it. Iíve positioned it in my open plan living room which gets lots of fresh air and the breezes that drift by all the time and so far it is lasting very well. Iíve shut the lid but not tightly. Lots of other things have gone mouldy here and the pantry door warped for a while with the humidity but the garlic has stayed impervious to the weather in its little nests. I canít wait for you to have some olive oil as qld olive oil is not that wonderful. I did grow my own garlic last year and got three teeny weeny cloves on each bulb but the garlic was lovely and meant I didnít have to buy the chinese garlic while I was waiting for yours.   Rhonda Qld

Q: Can I plant your garlic?

preparing to replant garlic cloves
This is Roger and me breaking the garlic up for planting Easter 2009.

Yes, you need to keep it whole until you're ready to plant it - usually in March or April. Break them into cloves just before you plant and and have the pointy end sticking upwards, just out of the ground. Water well.

Q: How do you harvest garlic?

hand harvested garlic bulbs

Every single bulb is hand harvested. We lay them on the ground for about
half an hour before we bunch them and hang them in the shed. It's very
important we don't bruise the bulbs.

Q: Can I eat garlic once it has sprouted?

garlic sprouts

Yes, but the flavour is not as potent as when fresh.

Some chefs say, slice the clove lengthways and remove the green shoot as it is slightly bitter

However some use the sprout as well.