Q: Where is Elmswood Farm?

location of elmswood farm
Checking the maps for a bush walk with Travis Peake

At the head of the Hunter Valley Catchment. Itís a four hour drive north  of  Sydney. The farm is on the Pages River which is a tributary of the  Hunter River.

Q: What is Biodynamics?

Itís a type of organic agricultural practise first devised by Rudolf Steiner in Europe in the 1920ís. It aims to redeem exhausted soils and make farms viable without the use of water-soluble fertilisers and chemicals. Each farm is different and requires different techniques to keep it healthy. We donít rely on commercial formulations but rather use bio dynamic preparations that help make the soil healthy. The plants growing on our biodynamic farm have been Ďfed naturally.í

Q: What does the word Agriculture mean?

Agri = soil.  Biodynamic farmers undertake to understand the Ďcultureí of the soil.