Who are we?

entrance to elmswood farm

Elmswood Farm is 10,000 acres of prime agricultural land in the Upper Hunter Valley of New South Wales in Australia. It embraces the tiny town of Gundy and rises from river flats to a mountain top sometimes dusted with snow.

Purchased by Phillip Adams and Patrice Newell in 1986 its home to numerous products.

  • Virgo Extra Virgin Olive Oil (certified A grade biodynamic )
  • Australian Garlic - Purple Glamour
  • Virgo Olive Oil Soap with Honey
  • Elmswood Beef
  • Elmswood Honey

Elmswood Garden

To visit the Garden click here

riding a horse at elmswood

Instead of high pressure factory farming with its chemical dependencies, Elmswood keeps things simple making 'slow food' with a respect for tradition and the soil using biodynamic practices.

"I believe in the nobility of food production," says Patrice, "the first principle of good farming is to listen to the land. When people buy our produce beef, olive oil, garlic, honey or soap - we want them to know of the care and effort that went into it."