About the Olive Industry

olive grove

We planted our first olive trees in 1997. Since then Elmswood Farmís olive history has been both fascinating and dramatic - and we've enjoyed sharing ideas with other participants in this new Australian industry.

It's good news that groves across the country continue to convert to organic and biodynamic practices. In contrast giant corporate groves have been established primarily in Victoria and Western Australia. They've recently witnesses a crisis in their business models, with two of the leading 'managed investment schemes' going broke.

But there are thousands of smaller groves tending trees in most districts. They're creating a diversity of products and offering economic activities for many communities.

These small groves are central to Australiaís cultural awakening to olives and olive oil.

While keeping abreast of new production ideas Elmswood Farm believes in the European tradition where many people grow olives, hand harvest, share their produce with friends and family and value the gift of the olive tree.

As more and more people have less and less to do with agriculture (around the world, not just in Australia) it's family farms, community gardens, campos and the like, that are spreading the word about the taste and health properties of olive oil.