Cow Peas in Australian Garlic rotation

Australia's food exports are slowly but surely disappearing – down 14% in five years. At the same time our imports have increased by 26% to a total of almost 11 billion dollars. The rapid foreign take-over of our dwindling supply of farm land – and a rush to own our water is on.

This pressure on our capacity to produce food is intensified by the take-over of major agribusinesses and the destruction of farm land by mining and development. 

We are breaking our own food bowls – already seriously stressed by water shortages and climate change. Now the high Australian dollar adds to our woes. 

Unless things change we face a future of dependence on imported food, both fresh and processed. 

All  this is, of course, of growing concern to small growers like ourselves  While we prefer to sell direct to you others cannot get shelf space in our supermarkets because of unbeatable competition – on price, not quality - from foreign agribusinesses.  


Do we want a future without food security?  The call goes out to protect Australian farmland from urbanisation – and from unrestricted foreign investment. Meanwhile major brands like SPC Ardmona are moving their operations offshore to New Zealand.  


Already about 10% of our finest farming land and 10% of our water is owned by people who do not call Australia home. The major British company George Weston – now owner of some famous Australian food brands like Tip Top – warn that Australia is being 'hollowed out' - that we will lose our ability to feed ourselves just as British farming has lost out to Eastern Europe. 


Submissions are flowing into Canberra as the government prepare our first National Food Plan.


We’re following developments closely.