Garlic Plait Patrice Newell Elmswood Farm

Every year, whilst we wait for the harvested garlic to cure we've enjoyed the crafting of plaits to celebrate the summer festive season.

And now you can too.

Corinna, a former local Garlic grower and accomplished Garlic plaiter gave us a lesson at Elmswood.

Like all artisan endeavours – there are many different techniques and tips to discover.

We trust the opportunity for those who wish to prepare their own Bunches and Plaits adds to the connection and enjoyment of Elmswood Farm’s Garlic.

Order your whole plants for Bunching or Plaiting here.


Eliska, Yvonne, Judy and Betty practicing.

We all did very well with Corinna's (second from right) tips.

Whilst Roger is good at answering your questions about garlic and ensuring your order and enquiries are smoothly handled, he knows NOTHING about plaiting.

Garlic Plaits Patrice Newell

Lisa, Sina and Piera  (Germany) & Luana (Italy) all enjoyed the experience - we trust you will too.