Q: Whatís the soap made of ?

Simple. Our biodynamic olive oil and our honey. Nothing else.

Q: Why isnít it a certified organic/biodynamic product ?

Because our honey isnít certified.  This is because Iíd have to move our hives away from the house,  and as they are really pets, I wonít do it.  The sad thing is that our pure honey must forgo organic certification.

Q: Can I use your soap on my face?

Yes.  I do. But at the end of the day  when my face is especially dirty after wearing block out all day,  I remove the muck with Sorbolene first.

My personal preference is to wash with soap in the morning. Very lightly. Some customers tell me the only thing they use on their face is my soap.  Their skin feels dry immediately afterwards,  but as the soap is not Ďdryingí,  within a few minutes the skin relaxes and simply feels clean.

Q: Is it only a face soap ?

No, we use it as a body soap.

Q: How long will the soap last ?

This totally depends on how often you use it. The main thing is not to leave it somewhere where it remains wet in-between use.  This will turn it to sludge. Customers tell me it lasts much, much longer than conventional soap.

Q Your soap isnít as sudsy as regular shop soap. Why not ?

If you use town water there may be less suds than if using rain water.

Most olive oil soaps also have coconut oil in the mix.  This is added to make the soap more sudsy.

Q: I have sensitive skin, will your soap trigger a rash ?

Iíve never heard of any customer having trouble with allergies with this soap. But I canít guarantee that  the soap will not cause a problem  because I am not a doctor diagnosing you.